Phone Sex Numbers

Being a regular user of phone sex, I decided it was time (it's been like 5 years since I started calling these numbers) for me to post my best five phone sex list. The ones that I chose here have a few things in common: they are cheap (I saved enough of my hooker budget calling these instead to buy a new car) but, despite that, they have high quality chicks ready to make your nastiest fantasy come to life. All the chicks are witty, have pleasant voices and will make you cum so hard that your cleaning lady will ask you if a whipped cream can exploded in your living room.

If you're reading this a mobile phone, simply tapping these toll free phone numbers will be enough to call them. Also, if you click their titles, you can read all about my first experience calling that particular phone number.
If there's something about my list of phone sex numbers that you don't like, you can either contact me to tell me about it, or Google another site and go fuck yourselves with a fat racoon.

Cheap phone sex

Cheap Phone Sex

Now, this one is probably my favorite one. It only costs you 25 cents per minute, and you can't get anything cheaper than that. And that is one of the things that make this phone sex so amazing, you can enjoy the call and not worry about money. And the women are so good, so amazing, you won't remember you're paying them for it. They will carry you into a world of sex and desire, they will exploit your deepest wishes and give you the best time of your life, engaging in whatever fantasy you have. And if you have no idea where to start, they will simply ask you a few questions to know you a little better, and take the reins from that part on. And bit by bit develop a fantasy capable to make you hard, to take you beyond the edge and into a world of unthinkable pleasures. You won't ever want to leave. You won't believe how good it is, despite the fact it's so cheap. I have no idea how they manage that kind of quality for so little money, but I sure am very pleased.

Humiliation phone sex

Humiliation Phone Sex

Now, this one is specialized. It's dedicated to those who crave to be humiliated, treated as a simple fuck toy. Being specialized, it also has a higher cost, but I'm sure you'll agree with me it's worth every single cent you'll spend on it. With a $2 fee per minute, is not the cheapest one in the market, but the experience you'll live is priceless. The woman on the other side of the line is so good that I'm sure she is the roughest dominatrix you can think of. Her words will feel as sharp knives cutting through you, making you feel small, useless, a trembling mass in her hands, for her to crush, reduce to dust and then build a new you from the scratch. You'll never regret the money you'll spend on the call, because what you'll get from it, will fulfill any fantasy you have, all of your hidden needs and craves will be satisfied and you'll feel so good, that nothing else will matter.

Sissy phone sex

Sissy Phone Sex

Like number two, and the other two I'll mention here, this phone sex will cost you $2 per minute. Do you just love women's lingerie? So much that you can't help yourself to buy it and actually use it? Maybe you even put on a pink lace thong for work, relishing in the knowledge that you have it on, and that no one knows about that secret part of you. If you want, no, if you crave to have a woman making a sissy out of you, making you wear all that lingerie you keep hidden in the back of your closet, and only dare to take it out once in a while, then this is the phone sex for you. Once the woman on the other side of the line picks up the call you're hers. She will own you completely, and make you her sissy fuck toy you won't even have time to breath. I always advise my friends to use the Bluetooth hands free, when they call this lines, so that you can have your hands free to stroke you, or in this case to obey your mistress' orders. She will make you wear your lingerie, she will make you kneel for her, tie your balls and cock and turn your whole life upside down.

Cuckold phone sex

Cuckold Phone Sex

Let me guess: your biggest desire is to see your wife being fucked by another man, right? One better looking than you, with a massive cock and a big pair of jucy low hanging balls, right? Or maybe even more than one? And with you being 'forced' to watch her cum endless times for them, in a way you haven’t seen her cum for you? But you know that will never happen. If I'm right about all this, then this is the phone sex number for you! The woman on the other side of the line will fall in the role of your wife immediately, and she will make you experience all this with her words and moans, what it would feel like having your wife fucked by other men in front of you and enjoying them, coming endless times, agreeing to things she has always denied you. She would brag about them, about how they make her feel, she will compare you to them, and you'll always lose in that comparison, you fucking loser. Even if it's just a small initial desire for now, I bet you can feel the cuckold you know you are, the cuckold you dream of becoming.

Taboo phone sex

Taboo Phone Sex

Even the women working on the phone sex lines have limits, they have things they simply can't or won't do. So this phone sex was created to give taboo lovers a place to turn to. And this is the best place. Here there are no limits, they will give you exactly what you need, they will guide through your fantasy and make it real for you, letting you enjoy it with no guilt, no shame, no prejudices. Just pleasure… your pleasure.
You're into knife play, like to trace thin lines over your lover's body with a knife? Then they have the girl for you. Would you like to see a horse pounding your lover? She will play that for you.
Or maybe you love to degrade her? With your words and your actions? They have it. It will be the experience of your life. Having the place to freely enact your darkest fantasies with people akin to you, will be key for your pleasure. And here they can provide that for you.